The Original Googlegangers of Love

And a Million Fanboys Felt Their Pants Explode

The picture to the left is of one freshly-legal Emma Watson, better known to the (w)hordes of fandom as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Please to point your penises away from the screen. Further away. That’s better. So we have already seen a naked Harry (Equus). And now a not-really naked Hermoine. Though if she flashes us from the rear next time, we can start calling her Myhiney. As for the redheaded kid, my bet is on him eventually making Dirty Sanchez porns with Screech.

What effect shall this have on the Harry Potter adult fanfic front? I shudder to think, but I am at least relieved that such endeavors keep certain people off the streets. However, I am still waiting for someone to pen a tale entitled Harry Potter and the Throbbing Man-Wand of Snape.

Oh fuck. Is J.K. gonna sue me for that?

If you must, follow this link to get a better look at Emma’s peeling attire.

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