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Big Gay Purple Fish Update

For your edu-tainment, a follow-up on our earlier post about Gay Fish. It seems that our downstairs neighbor is ready to do away with his tank full of gay purple fish. Enter Craigslist! Yes, this will probably be the only time we ever feature Craiglist in a way that deviates from god’s purpose for the internet: extraneously deviant sexual acrobatics, and subsequent innoculations.

Here, dear reader (citation needed), is the ad, right after the jump (into a tank full of delicious purple homosexuality)… MORE>>


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…on Anal Sex

Ever have a day when you just want to be dirty? Like there’s a certain poetry in being grimy? The kind that makes you feel like you’re living, if only for a (happily std-free) moment in a Henry Miller novel? And just lounge about in your sexed-up half-squalor, uncoiffed and unfluffed, just waiting for the editor to cut you another check, or for Sex Incarnate to knock at the door, naked before you’ve even unfastened the topmost lock…?

…and in the meanwhile you’re eyeing that bottle of wine you’ve been saving (not so much for a special occasion but rather a special lack of occasion), but you haven’t been drinking for awhile, and you’ve started to miss it.

It isn’t like there’s much to miss, all those excuses to drink. The promises of rough anal sex in the back of a Hummer? The grip-and-yank of hair that communicates intent better than any word spoken? Yeah. It’s only another excuse for drinking, really. And who among us needs more excuses?

I’ll take the anal sex.

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