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Big Gay Purple Fish Update

For your edu-tainment, a follow-up on our earlier post about Gay Fish. It seems that our downstairs neighbor is ready to do away with his tank full of gay purple fish. Enter Craigslist! Yes, this will probably be the only time we ever feature Craiglist in a way that deviates from god’s purpose for the internet: extraneously deviant sexual acrobatics, and subsequent innoculations.

Here, dear reader (citation needed), is the ad, right after the jump (into a tank full of delicious purple homosexuality)… MORE>>


For Sale or Trade:

I have something of a problem here. Recently I have bought and populated a fish tank. This has quickly become a great hobby of mine. However, it has come to my attention that my community of fish is largely gay.

You see, I do not like purple fish. It isn’t that I hate gay people, just gay fish. It’s a thing; don’t ask me why. Yet I have a tank full of African Cichlids. They are purple (except the father, ‘orange’) and they are gay.

They are second, or possibly even third-generation incest Cichlids. The mother and father fish are really brother and sister. Some of them are hermaphrodite fish, meaning that they can spawn by themselves. I am rather uncomfortable with this.

So I am therefore looking to sell or trade this family of fish. I am open to barter, providing that the return fish are neither purple nor gay. Or hermaphrodites. I’m all for gay pride, don’t get me wrong. Just not under the sea, that’s all. However I do like fish of other colors. As long as they aren’t tranny-fish.

The adoption fee is $3.00 per baby (5 total) and $30.00 for the adult pair, or $20.00 per adult. $40.00 and you can take the whole pride.

Want to adopt a family of gay purple fish? You know you do. Get to clicking!

UPDATE: The first post was flagged. Here’s the second posting.

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