The Original Googlegangers of Love

…On Big Gay Purple Fish

The Snarling Misanthrope: so
The Snarling Misanthrope: I just spent the last 30 minutes with the neighbor downstairs
The Snarling Misanthrope: listening to him explain that his fish are too gay
Lindsay Lewis: his fish are too gay?
The Snarling Misanthrope: yes
The Snarling Misanthrope: far too gay
Lindsay Lewis: are they having fish sex?
The Snarling Misanthrope: no
Lindsay Lewis: what then?
The Snarling Misanthrope: they’re purple
The Snarling Misanthrope: and they won’t stop being purple
The Snarling Misanthrope: and purple, as we all know, is the quintessence of gay


Lindsay Lewis: is this a bud lite induced thing?
The Snarling Misanthrope: amazingly it is not
Lindsay Lewis: purple=gay. make sure and let everyone here know
Lindsay Lewis: has he thoroughly self examined this issue?
Lindsay Lewis: I mean did He buy these fag fish?
The Snarling Misanthrope: about half of them came by his own purchase
The Snarling Misanthrope: the other half were purchased by/insisted upon by his wife
Lindsay Lewis: quasi latent fish faggery
The Snarling Misanthrope: yes
The Snarling Misanthrope: he says he’s going to sell the purple ones
The Snarling Misanthrope: so he can get some manlier fish
Lindsay Lewis: is there a big market for used gay fish?
The Snarling Misanthrope: I’m not sure
The Snarling Misanthrope: only craigslist can tell
Lindsay Lewis: It might help if he went ahead and outed them during the sale.
Lindsay Lewis: Some people might not be aware of the gay fish possibility
Lindsay Lewis: something of a premium
The Snarling Misanthrope: yeah, true. another assault on family values
The Snarling Misanthrope: this time from the marine world
Lindsay Lewis: I had a gay cat
Lindsay Lewis: maybe bi, but definitely a very sexual being
Lindsay Lewis: I grew up on a farm and we always had house kitties
Lindsay Lewis: and barn kitties
Lindsay Lewis: a real caste like situation
Lindsay Lewis: anyway, Lance was a Himalayan
Lindsay Lewis: and he’d go out to the barn
Lindsay Lewis: where the barn kitties were
Lindsay Lewis: and lay in a pile of barn kitties
The Snarling Misanthrope: (insert ominous gay-cat music)
Lindsay Lewis: and let them, ahem…nurse him
The Snarling Misanthrope: so your cat was in fact a chickenhawk
Lindsay Lewis: I guess so
The Snarling Misanthrope: it’s a new age for gay animals
Lindsay Lewis: It was hard for Lance, because I wasn’t quite as open then as I am now
Lindsay Lewis: so I sort of hate crimed his ass when I’d catch him
Lindsay Lewis: I feel bad for that now of course
The Snarling Misanthrope: it was a different time
The Snarling Misanthrope: back when homosexual animal promiscuity was frowned upon
Lindsay Lewis: stop, you are making me laugh out loud

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May 5th, 2008 Posted by The Snarling Misanthrope | Mid-Day Musings, The Anti-LL | 2 comments


  1. …whats worse, having a gay community fish aquarium, … or to have several generations of babies who grow up to bang their own siblings? Maybe the enjoyment of inbreeding is turning them purple? Maybe it’s the incest thats causing my fish to have a genetic lack of every color (BUT FREAKIN’ PURPLE) deformity’ ? … Maybe I have both and thats why my tank is so gay. “Wilma-gene get the deep-fryer goin’ … its time for a fish fry !”

    Comment by UNCLE-MUD-BUTT | May 5, 2008

  2. […] learned of our neighbor’s dilemma: he, a manly-man of the manliest multiformity, found himself saddled with fish of a homosexualist […]

    Pingback by Junkbuzzed: sex, lies, and .jpgs | May 13, 2008

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