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New dating sites


Online dating sites seem to pop up like politicians in a brothel. The deluge is seemingly endless so how do you navigate the influx of online self-promotion opportunities? Here are a few new (and not so new ones) that you may have missed.

Sweet on Geeks

Complete with a banner ad for Mensa, this site promises to hook you up with the hot geek of your dreams. Of course this isn’t really a new idea and we’re a bit surprised how messy and non Web 2.0 the design is (can’t these geeks do better?). Yeah, we’re still signing up.

Crazy Blind Date

As if people living in really great cities didn’t already have enough perks, the makers of OkCupid have started a site that will guarantee to get you stalked faster than it takes for Dominos to deliver a pizza - IGD at its finest. CrazyBlindDate doesn’t show you profiles or pictures, just some fast and dirty demographic data about your potential match and then it thrusts you into the real world. Don’t forget to pack your condoms and mace!


WooMe is speed dating for the internet. We tried it and concluded that talking to a complete stranger on webcam is about as pleasant as talking to a complete stranger in any contrived singles dating setting. It sucks.

Ashley Madison

Oh, and AshleyMadison.com isn’t news to anyone but the world’s largest infidelity dating service now has 2 million members. The press-release reads like an Onion article: “This massive and wide-spread growth means that attached men and women can easily connect with other like-minded adults in their local area, making Ashley Madison the #1 site for extra-marital affairs.” I wonder what the #2 site is. . .

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Fun New Sexual Trends: Hardball!

Dear reader (citation needed), there are a great many things which we collectively fetishize. From halter tops to bondage hoods to Woody Allen movies (and gossip) to diet trends…the list goes on, ad infinitum. But today I have one more rather startling item to add to this list.

Hardball with Chris Matthews.

I love Hardball. (And not in a CBT sort of way, either, believe it or not.) Or, more specifically, I am singularly obsessed with Chris Matthews.

He’s this sort of political idiot savant, a man who is sunnily unaware of his thorough deficit of tact, decorum, respect for women, and understanding of how corrupt the political machine really is. Matthews is a shoe-mouthed, large-headed lunatic, who, through sheer will and impolitic is a master at creating some of the most unintentionally awkward and hilarious television moments in recent memory. Watching him is like, as Anthony Bourdain described watching The Next Food Network Star: “watching bad German anal porn - you just can’t look away.”

Don’t get me wrong. I actually like bad German anal porn. At least the Germans are excited about it (perhaps a bit too excited, but who am I to judge?). And Chris? Yeah, I totally dig the little guy. Find out why you should too - after the jump. MORE>>

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Fun New Sex Trends: Bust a Move (or a Cunt)

Dear reader (citation needed), we seem to have come to some sort of a sexual impasse. Thanks to the internet, we have immersed ourselves in the dark arts of instant gratification. Through our cyber-prowess, we have fulfilled all our sexual fantasies a thousand times over, and like drunken Philistines, we want more in terms of high-risk maneuvers. In a way we have become sexual Luchadors; in order to get the pop, every act must be a death-defying triple-moonsault from the top rope. With flog-splashes and upside-down ejaculatory exclamation points.

As such, from time to time, we’re going to take a look at some of the newer fetishes popping up in the tubes. Think of it as a sort of Best New Artist of sexual deviancy. Gather up all your references to Christopher Cross, Marc Cohn, and Paula Cole - you’re going to need them.

Today’s new fun fetish: Cuntbusting! Find out all about it after the jump. MORE>>


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